Homework Headaches

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Homework Headaches helps you become (or re-discover) the calm & confident parent you want to be – which is how to raise your child to be confident & successful! It's a comprehensive online training program with phone coaching support - & a guarantee!


If you’re tired of feeling like home-life is hijacked by school stress, or watching helplessly while your smart child struggles with school, then this program may just be the answer to your prayers.

“Homework Headaches” is the second course in ImpactADHD’s Parent Academy, and it offers the tools you need to support your kids through school without pulling out all your hair!

Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster, certified coaches and co-founders of ImpactADHD, are parents to 6 children (between our two families) who have ADHD – and struggle with school. They have learned HOW to help their kids become more independent students, and they share their wisdom, tips and strategies with you in this home-study course for parents.

A comprehensive training program, based on the proven “Parenting Action Model,” Homework Headaches is available online, 24/7, ANYtime you need it, so you can go at your own pace and learn how to support your kids – without having to drive anywhere. The program combines training and coaching, exercises and strategies, and includes monthly calls with an ImpactADHD Coach.

With Homework Headaches, you can learn in small segments, work at your own pace, practice, put changes into action, and come back for more learning. You'll also be able to attend Monthly Coaching Calls to get additional support and guidance. We often say that coaching is what happens "between the sessions," so use the weeks between the modules to practice what you're learning.

Reducing school stress is all about understanding HOW to provide the support and structures your kid needs to stay on track – in a way that works for the whole family. In this program, you’ll learn specific, proactive strategies for managing the school-related complications that come with ADHD and Executive Function challenges.

Don't give up on your child’s education, or sacrifice your relationship with your child just to get school-work done. If school stress is making you crazy, let ImpactADHD’s Homework Headaches Program restore your sanity!

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