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Hi there! Laurie Dupar here from If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD there is hope. Whether you are local to my neck of the woods, Seattle, or live in another part of the world, we can work together so you can finally understand how your unique brain works and create new effective strategies to minimize your ADHD challenges. My clients include people from the ages of 7-77 from all over the world! Whether in person or over the phone, I privately coach parents of young children who are seeking information and resources to better support their child, students struggling with the increasing challenges of organization, schoolwork and social lives, young adults who are taking their first steps towards independence and adults of all ages who finally want to understand their ADHD/ADD and live the life they want! Schedule your complimentary 15" phone consultation with me by emailing I hope we can talk soon. Be well.

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It’s easy to focus on the negatives and problems that living with ADHD causes. But there’s a whole other side of ADHD that gets forgotten or overlooked…the positive attributes and strengths of people with ADHD! This book tells about real-life stories and examples about 32 of the benefits of having ADHD. There are many more, but this is a great start! Find out: • How you can access your inner entertainment center…and never suffer the perils of boredom again! • How one student tapped into the abundant creativity & resourcefulness of ADHD to wow her instructor & win an A in class (& how you can do the same at work or school)! • How the often frowned-on practice of “multi-tasking” can be the secret weapon to massive productivity for a person with ADHD

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