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Hi there! Laurie Dupar here from If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD there is hope. Whether you are local to my neck of the woods,California, or live in another part of the world, we can work together so you can finally understand how your unique brain works and create new effective strategies to minimize your ADHD challenges. My clients include people from the ages of 7-77 from all over the world! Whether in person or over the phone, I coach parents of young children who are seeking information and resources to better support their child, students struggling with the increasing challenges of organization, schoolwork and social lives, young adults who are taking their first steps towards independence and adults of all ages who finally want to understand their ADHD/ADD and live the life they want! Schedule your complimentary 15" phone consultation with me by emailing I hope we can talk soon.

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I found Laurie by looking in the back pages of ADDitude magazine a few issues back. She happened to be the only coach not to list working on organization skills as part of her services! Not needing help in this area, I contacted her (please note: Laurie can indeed help with organizational skills; it is just that I was looking for a coach capable of helping a recently diagnosed post-menopause professional.) Laurie is sensitive to each client's unique situation and personality. You will not get a cookie cutter experience with her; you will receive personally tailored insights and strategies that truly work for you.
Potential clients can contact Laurie online and at that time can schedule an introductory telephone session with Laurie at a time of their convenience. This is a completely free, no strings attached conversation in which she listens and will answer any of your questions about how she could work with you.
In that initial conversation, it was immediately obvious to my husband and me that Laurie is truly gifted as a coach; is kind, considerate, and unintimidating; and would be well worth the investment. Previous to working with Laurie, I spent a year reading and listening to webinars, but still felt I was missing something. Working with Laurie proved to be the piece that finally allowed me to move forward.
As it turned out, Laurie far exceeded our first impression, having insights that have literally changed our lives and caused me to succeed in areas in which I continually stumbled.
Laurie's understanding of ADHD medications is superb and much deeper than that of my psychiatrist. The first year after diagnosis was fraught with difficult side effects from wrong dosages and serious reactions to some other prescribed medications. In the following three months with Laurie, her explanations and suggestions helped me find the right dosages that help, but do not create harmful side effects.
My husband listened in on each session and most of the weekly check-in calls, taking notes for me and interacting with Laurie along with me. We found this to be of great benefit, and Laurie's patience and flexibility with a third party added in were a true gift, as have been all her insights, thoughts, suggestions, strategies, and incredible support and encouragement. Though I have never worked with any other ADHD coach, I believe it would be hard to find a more qualified or more attentive one than Laurie.

08/27/2013 - 01:12 pm

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