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Offering a unique approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD. Proper evaluation is given first priority. ADD and ADHD symptoms can surface at various stages of ones life, and just because a person has coped successfully to a certain point in their lives, does not mean that they do not have ADD. Many adults go through life struggling with ADD without it being recognized or adequately treated, leading to poor self esteem, difficulties in work and problems in relationships. Conversely, ADD and ADHD are often misdiagnosed in both children and adults alike. Many adults and children where a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, mood disorder or even substance abuse disorder is overlooked and that person is misdiagnosed as "ADHD."

After appropriate evaluation, a treatment plan is constructed. Medication is often very helpful, but is not always the right answer. I work with each patient individually to personalize a treatment approach that can include, coaching, life skills, psychotherapy, and medication.

Adult ADD and ADHD:
It is now widely recognized that many people go through life with these conditions. Sometimes a person may be coping with ADD for much of their life without consequences, and then it hits them when they are a challenged in a higher level of school, or at a more demanding job. Adult ADD affects the executive function of the brain--the brain functions that activate, organize and manage other functions. They cause problems with attention, impulsive behavior, and over activity. A diagnosis depends on the specific syndromes (inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive and combined). Predominate symptoms include having difficulty focusing attention on a task, being easily distracted or bored, struggling to follow instructions, fidgeting, and impatience.

Adults with ADD often have problems even scheduling the appointment to get evaluated and treated, they often believe that they are lazy underachievers. I offer a primary care based solution to this problem by seeing patients in their homes or offices and by web camera for follow up making it easier for patients to keep their appointments. I use web based and smartphone technology to help keep your treatment on track, while helping you use technology and other coping skills to help you see your ADD as a special gift that can be channelled to make you the productive member of society you knew you could be. You do not have to toil away any longer. This practice is ideal for the tech savvy patient.

Hours of work are by appointment, evenings and weekends.

Medical House calls and web camera appointments only. There is no office for you to come into.

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It's great to finally have someone who handle both mind and body with convenience that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

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