Orlando ADHD ASD Social Skills Spring Break and Summer Leadership Camp

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  1. YMCA Camp Wewa | Nationally & Regionally Accredited
  2. Various activities are included such as:
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  4. BB Guns
  5. Canoeing
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  8. Camp Fires
  9. Smores
  10. Ultimate Frisbee
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Saturday Social Skills Day Camp

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This is normal YMCA in Apopka, Florida called Camp Wewa (our office location is listed below in Orlando but the camp is 25 min away in Apopka) with around a 150 neurotypical campers and we throw in 20 kids that stick out a little socially with the goal of helping them blend in better by the end of the week! This is a great place to have a family vacation in the Orlando area while your student is at this awesome camp.! Parents have said it's life changing for the kids and we had kids over the years no longer be the criteria for autistic spectrum by utilizing this camp as well as talking about diet and supplements and doing parent coaching.

Parents have reported over the last 20 years of doing this camp that the kids have jumped one to two years socially and emotionally.

At the camp there is the YMCA counselors where there is two counselors and every cabin with 10 kids and the kids are never off by themselves so it's a safe environment with a high camper to adult ratio. We utilize the ropes course for accelerated learning with the climbing wall and a zip line as well as low ropes elements.

I've been told there's not many camps that are normal camps with the goal of mainstreaming kids are behind socially.

Florida Social Skills Summer Camp is great for students with:

1. Low Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem
2. Anxiety – To Help Face and Overcome their Fears
3. Social Anxiety – Build Social Confidence
4. ADHD or ADD – 60% of ADHD students are behind socially so we help close the social gap!
5. Aspergers or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – High Functioning
As all of these diagnoses tend to be behind socially by showing some or all of the following social delays.

15 Symptoms or Tips to Identify Social Delays

If you can answer yes to two or more of these items about your child, he or she may benefit from learning skills that will help him or her to connect better with peers, and to more confident and prepared for the real world. Here are a few symptoms to look for:

Doesn’t recognize non-verbal cues
Gets in peers personal space
Annoys to get attention because they do not know how to get it another way
Low self confidence
Poor eye contact
Only interested in themselves rather than taking an interest in their peers
Talks too much
Lacks assertion
Impulsive or blurts out responses
Tries too hard to make friends laugh – thinks humor will make them friends
Reacts to teasing and does not know how to roll with conflict
Has a need for justice and fairness and judges peers
Isolates or withdraws from peers
Always wants to be first or wants to play what they want
Kids do not call for play dates or to hang out!
Student Leadership Camp is a fun Summer or Winter camp that helps build leadership, learning and life skills in kids and teens! This adventure camp for students in the Orlando area is for students that may have social skills issues with their peer group and/or lack assertiveness and self-confidence. This camp takes place at the YMCA Camp Wewa ropes course.

What is the Leadership & Social Skills Camp Experience!

We work with a typical YMCA Camp of around 100-200 students per week and we bring 20 Students per week to the camp to see how they stick out with the goal of helping them blend in better with YMCA Camp Wewa’s students.

1. They will be assigned cabins with same age campers (i.e. 13 year old TLC clients will be in a cabin with 13 year old Camp Wewa Campers). We blend our clients into the camp so we can see how they do in an age appropriate environment rather than put them in a camp where all the kids struggle socially. If we put them in a camp where all the kids struggle socially then this would not simulate a real life situation and may not be effective.
2. Students will have a screening to determine their Leadership and Social Skills needs.
3. When the student arrives at the camp they will be greeted by a Masters Level Counselor/Student to review their goals.
Our Masters Level Counselors will wear a YMCA Camp Counselor Shirt & Blend in with the Camp Staff so your child will not be singled out.
4. Each of our TLC Counselors will be assigned 3-5 students, and Observe the students interactions.
5. The TLC Counselor will then discretely address inappropriate responses, boundaries issues, social problems, etc. ideally when it happens and suggest more appropriate ways to redirect their behavior.
6. Each day our team will review each student objectives and how they are progressing toward their goals as discuss plans on how to help them move toward their goals.
7. Students will also have an additional 5-6 hours on the Ropes course for Team Building and Experiential Learning in comparison to the Camp Wewa students. (Corporations pay $500-$600 per person for 6 hours on a Ropes Course! - You are getting a far better deal)
8. Camp Wewa counselors will tell other campers that inquire about why the TLC kids get more time on the course will communicate that TLC is “Total Leadership Camp” and their parents paid more for them to have more time on the course.
9. For an additional fee over the next 1-2 weeks after the camp an appointment can be scheduled to review the progress for your student and make additional recommendations to build on their success.

1. Jim, you are an angel here on Earth doing very important work. We are lucky to have you in our lives!
2. Camp was uber-awesomeness… amazing fun times! Thanks for doing the camp truly one of, if not, the greatest week of my life!
3. “Tommy (Thomas as he now prefers) is doing awesome! You would be so amazed to see God’s work in progress. Your leadership camp has changed Tommy’s life!

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