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Finding the right apps for your child is hard. We make it easy.

Parenting has always been hard, and while technology is supposed to make our lives easier, sometimes just trying to understand it is the hardest part of all.

At LearningWorks for Kids our mission is to help parents make sense of the digital world. We’ll show you how to use today’s most innovative technologies to improve critical thinking, strengthen academics, and manage difficult learning challenges like ADHD and Autism.

We are dedicated to teaching parents how to mentor their children through the digital world, not only to help them become stronger at school, but just as importantly, to help them develop into safer digital citizens, and more confident, capable kids.

How LearningWorks for Kids Works:
Step 1: Assess your child’s critical thinking, executive function, and academic strengths and weaknesses.
Step 2: Create a customized prescription of popular games and apps, custom-tailored to your child’s needs.
Step 3: Show you how to make the most of these technologies, with simple strategies and easy-to-use learning guides.

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Nico Salvo rates this listing with

I came across LW4K at ISTE 2014 and upon reviewing, discovered that they have tons of great content. The educational component associated with the game and app playbooks really makes me more knowledgeable about skill building techniques for my future child. It’s also fun to see the psychological science behind some very addicting games like Minecraft and Angrybirds and to learn that I'm not just wasting my time pouring hours into these games but training my brain. For the sheer amount of content alone and the good reviews, the site is worth checking out especially for the low price of a couple bucks a month!

07/18/2014 - 02:51 pm

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Gina rates this listing with

Learning Works for Kids is a fantastic way to monitor usage of technology for kids, while helping them improve cognitive skills. The program has a wonderful list of games and apps, and scoring devices including a "Fun Score" and a "Brain Grade." You can easily choose games that benefit your child, student, or family member. A "Play Diet" can be created depending on the child's interest and weaknesses. Learning Works is a fun way for kids to build their cognitive skills. For example games can improve organization skills, self-awareness, mathematics, and reading and kids don't even realize they are learning while having fun. I highly recommend people signing up for this program!

07/30/2014 - 02:00 pm

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