Dr. Jeff Bauman Licensed Psychologist/Coach/ADHD Superspecialized

1840 Main Street
Weston, Florida 33326
United States
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Dr. Bauman respects and has learned from the masters like Dr. Russell Barkley and the team at Harvard Medical School. He evaluates and treat ADHD/ADD/LD/ Aspergers, anxiety and depression. The approach is scientific and optimistic. Parents gain as much support as the children. For a complete description, please visit our two sites. www.FloridaADHD.com and www.WestonChildPsychologist.com

Launch Control for Guiding Children, Teens, and Emerging Adults. We evaluate ADD/ADHD/LD in all age groups. We treat children, teens and emerging adults(usually in college). Dr. Bauman has personal history with ADD and LD-Math. He has made ADHD/ADD/LD relief his professional mission. Post graduate education through Harvard Medical School in mind/body medicine and lifestyle medicine along with his membership in the American College of Lifestyle Medicine adds a "holistic" twist to his consultations.

We work daytime, evenings, and Saturdays.

In the Weston Town Center, Weston FL