ADHD Coaching and ADA Accommodations - The How Skills

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  1. We offer ADA Accommodations and private ADHD and Executive Function coaching for students and professionals with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, Autism, other neurodiverse conditions, and people with Blind and Low Vision.

Seattle, Washington 98105
United States
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We set up structures and systems to help professionals and adolescents learn how to improve their job performance, academic achievement, social awareness, and life skills. We know that natural intelligence doesn't necessarily translate to success in school, career, social situations, or the real world. People are encouraged to be focused, to stay organized, to be disciplined, to be tough, and bounce back from failure, but many people need help developing “The How Skills” to achieve those results. The good news: These skills can be learned. The better news: Helping people develop these skills serves them throughout school, career, social, and life situations while preparing them for life as capable, balanced, resilient adults. You have what it takes — let’s work together to figure out how you’re going to do it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.