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  1. Bouncy Bands help students enjoy school more, get started with their work sooner, stay on task longer with class work and on tests, and they provide relief for students who regularly feel frustrated, bored, anxious, confused, or hyperactive. Instead of getting in trouble for getting out of their seats or for leaning back in their chairs and falling, students are able to receive stimulation from the Bouncy Bands in a quiet and fun manner.
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Bouncy Bands are made of a heavy-duty rubber material with secured loops on both ends. Bouncy Bands install quickly and stay in place with the support pipes that are included.

Teachers are amazed with how much more work students are able to complete before they get bored or frustrated since students have a way to relieve their anxiety, frustration, and hyperactivity--while they are working.

Parents also find the Bouncy Bands to be very helpful at home to make the homework experience more pleasant and productive.

Bouncy Bands help students "Wiggle While They Work"

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