ADHD Kids Coach - (Ages 10 - 18) - UK

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  1. Features
  1. • Increase child’s awareness of their unique strengths and talents
  2. • Helping your child understand how their ADHD brain works
  3. • Boosting your child's confidence and self-esteem
  4. • Develop consistent routines, organisation and homework
  5. • Providing tailored strategies to help child regulate their emotions
  6. • Finding practical systems for forgetfulness, low attention span and boredom
  7. • Developing smoother transitions throughout the day
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My own experience as a child with ADHD caused me setbacks in my confidence, friendships, at school and with my family. This was made much worse as my behaviour was wholly misunderstood. I understand how ADHD works and the harmful cycle of negativity it can cause from a young age.

As a specialist Kids Coach my coaching style is always ‘child’ led, with all my sessions specifically tailored with this in mind. My coaching philosophy focusses on empowering children with behaviors and strategies for everyday situations. It’s ‘action-based’ - which means I help to address practical problems, helping children to shift in the here-and-now. Most importantly, I will be your child’s very own personal cheerleader, celebrating their wins week in week out!

My job as an ADHD Kids Coach is to help children understand their ADHD and to work with each child to deal with their own set of challenges. Each week, I spend time exploring your child’s challenges with an ADHD lens, and find ways to make the changes they’re looking for.

Children with ADHD are far more likely to experience periods of emotional dysregulation, which is the underlying factor behind a child’s negative behaviour. In addition to this, because of their daily struggles at home and at school many ADHDers grow up with a huge lack of confidence and self-esteem. Kids Coaching provides a safe space for the child to share, be heard and identify practical ways to manage their ADHD.

My experience working with children with ADHD has taught me that coaching is most effective when children are fully engaged in the program. This is why I keep all my sessions to thirty minutes each.

Services offered both in the UK and the USA.
I accommodate North American time zones; EST, CST, PST

- Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long
- Regular sessions are available weekly

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