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ADHD Synthesizer: Daily Planning Maps
If you are using a digital calendar(s) and to do app or any other planning calendar - this tool helps you pull all the pieces together.

Daily planning is an essential activity that promotes the ability to be more self-aware and conscious. Using a paper-based product for planning the day involves using all your senses such as tactile, visual, kinesthetic, etc. This invites your brain to "register" your intent.

Daily planning promotes being effective and efficient... it is NOT about following the plan perfectly.

It is about being able to be realistic with time, setting priorities and making good choices throughout the day because you actually have a plan to consider when "life happens". If something comes up - It is perfectly fine to change the flow of your day (providing it is not about avoidance - which is another matter). That is why it is called a "map" - it helps you navigate the day. Ultimately you will stay more on task with a plan... instead of just going with the flow.

It actually creates more time, flexibility and freedom...