Break Up With Getting Extensions Habit Coach

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  1. Features
  1. 1. Project Management Skills that are ADHD-friendly and Tech Savvy.
  2. 2. Copying Strategies that are healthy comedy based and can create resiliency that's fun.
  3. 3. Better Communication Rapport Building by owning your humor style and creating strong relationships even with an ADHD genius mind.
  4. 4. Academic Writing and Comedy Class for high school students to work on social skills and school with built-in summer programming to learn entrepreneurial / career project skills. Programming for adults for better relationships and better work outcomes.

Chicago, Illinois
United States
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Extensions worked until they didn’t.

The experts said it's okay you are allowed more time because you have ADHD.

But you learned that there would always be more time so it made you feel less confident about yourself because you were different and also taught you, you didn’t have to be organized in your habits because there would be an extension anyways.

In high school, problems with extensions can mean summer school. Writing becomes difficult as well as social skills of rapport building.

In college, if you got away with extensions in high school, college extensions allowed you to party a lot because hey I get an extension. Maybe you got through it. But sometimes it's that one teacher that says no extensions and you find yourself not able to get your degree or worse on academic probation.

In adulting, you mastered high school and college. But oh wow your ADHD has caught up with you on work deadlines. You’ve gotten pink slips before and it was always your boss's fault. Until the patterns kept repeating. Cultures are getting frustrated because you aren’t getting your work done on time, affecting the company’s project deadlines. Do you fear how will I ever get my ADHD under wraps? You say, I know I keep avoiding my romantic relationship but they just don’t understand I have ADHD. I could always do what I wanted and I always got more time.

Better flexible and productive systems for breaking the extensions habit are in order. Replacing them with coping skills from comedy and establishing better rapport skills from the inside out is the solution to welcome in a life that feels good to you, you manage it well, your ADHD symptoms are managed and you are at peace with them.

Not everyone gets a life that feels like play. But when you make comedy-based solutions part of your personal growth strategy, your ADHD becomes a beautiful brain that creates abundance.

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