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Executive Functioning Success offers help to individuals, families, schools and businesses.

• We provide our signature Seeing My Time® program to individuals and families around the world.
• We offer two levels of online professional training in teaching Seeing My Time®.
• We provide education on the topic of executive functions through webinars, live presentations, and a book for parents.

What is Seeing My Time®? The Seeing My Time® program:
• Introduces you to the brain's executive functions and helps you understand WHY you struggle.
• It opens up defeated and defensive individuals to experience hope that they can actually change their lives for the better.
• The program provides concrete, visual time-management tools, together with hands-on exercises and reflections that build self-awareness, the key to long-term behavior change.

Seeing My Time will help you understand:
• How executive function deficits impact learning and lead to emotional pain
• Why brains with poor working memory need external, visual cues
• How to visualize time – a day, a week, and a month at a time
• How to understand complex directions
• How to break projects down into steps to meet deadlines
• How to create an effective paper organization system
• How to set goals for the future and reach them

Long-term behavior change requires time, compassion and practice, but little by little change does happen. Seeing My Time® provides the foundation to make lasting changes.

Who Seeing My Time® program has been successful for:
• Participants with executive functioning deficits, ADHD, spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, working memory issues, and minimal traumatic brain injuries.
• People of all ages and stages benefit by learning these executive skills of time management, planning, and organization
• Times of transition: into middle school, high school, college, work, or retirement.

Executive Functioning Success History:

Educator Marydee Sklar founded Executive Functioning Success. Her life experience into her early forties was full of frustration and stress as she was unable to manage her time, plan ahead, or keep things organized.

At a critical point she figured out how to get things done by supporting the weaknesses of her brain using tools and strategies. Once she had changed her own life Marydee noticed other people also struggling with time management, planning, and organization.

For 15 years Marydee analyzed the behavior of struggling children and adults to determine the best ways to teach them what she knew about supporting a time-challenged brain. She discovered the key concepts and activities that were needed to develop the self-awareness necessary for creating lasting time-management behavior change.

In her desire to help others, she created what became the Seeing My Time® program. Graduates of the program reported positive improvements in their lives.
• Students were starting and completing homework on time, managing their binders to keep papers organized, and finding that they had free time for fun. They expressed feeling more confident and capable.
• The parents reported fewer conflicts, less nagging, and more satisfying productivity in their own lives.
• These changed lives caught the attention of professionals in many fields who had clients, patients, or students who were struggling with executive function deficits.

It was at the request of those professionals that Marydee published her Seeing My Time workbook and the Seeing My Time Instructor’s Manual. With these works Marydee began to share her knowledge with others through presentations and webinar training programs.

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Seeing My Time - Instructor's Manual:

Seeing My Time Workbook:

50 Tips to Help Students Succeed: http://www.amazon.com/Tips-Help-Students-Succeed-Time-Management/dp/0982605978/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428006127&sr=8-1&keywords=seeing+my+time

Student Testimonials
• I feel like I have a lot more time for me to do the stuff I want. I am able to get my homework done in a reasonable amount of time. Charles G.

• It has helped me think more and I think I have gotten a lot of my stuff organized. I feel like I can stay on top of things and be more organized. Hunter R.

• It has helped me to keep track of assignments and plan projects. I feel more confident about my work. Joshua S.

Adult Testimonials
• This course has given me tools to use with my students plus with my son at home, with his homework. It has prepared me with great, successful tools to help others. Kristy P.

• It has helped me to see the way time takes up space – to see bottlenecks before they happen. I see what it takes to finish a project on time without the last night stress. I have more patience with my boys, a better perspective on their brains ability. There is a lot less yelling and a lot more planning. Sara G.

• This course has helped us to understand how our son thinks, given us ideas on how to address challenges, more hope that there is a way to overcome what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. We have more confidence we can help our son in his daily struggles to achieve, organize and feel better about himself. Blair R.

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