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1. What features does each ADHD/LD listing level include?

2. How can I get my listing to appear as a Featured Listing?

3. Where should I list my ADHD product?

4. Do listings appear in alphabetical order?

5. How do I list an ADHD/LD event?

6. How many people visit ADDitude online each month?

7. Can I track my listing's views, clicks, and other performance measures?

8. How long will my listing appear in the ADDitude Directory?

9. How will I know when to renew my listing?

10. How do I edit my listing once it's active?

11. Will my ADDitude Directory listing also appear in ADDitude magazine’s print classified section?

12. What if I forget my username and/or password?

13. Can I cancel my listing?

14. Who can I contact for help with listing?

15. Do I have to create an account to use the ADDitude Directory?

16. What is a Review?

17. My professional is not listed in the ADDitude Directory? I’d like to recommend him to others. What can I do?

19. Does a listing in the ADDitude Directory indicate endorsement by ADDitude magazine?