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Roberto Olivardia, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Roberto Olivardia is a Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. He maintains a private practice in Lexington, MA, specializing in ADHD, executive functioning and LD.

The Hallowell Center San Francisco

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and learning disabilities for all ages. We use a strength-based approach. ...

Kathy Kuhl - Learn Differently - coaches parents teaching kids
Kathy Kuhl - Learn Differently - coaches parents teaching kids

Kathy Kuhl coaches parents teaching children with ADHD or other challenges (homeschool, online- or after school) to provide cus...

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Blue Lake Coaching

45 minute free coaching session. I will explain my philosophy and you can ask any and all questions you may have. I will coach you a bit and you can decide if you think I would be a good partner to support you in achieving your goals.

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Self Regulation Reset: AD[H]D + Binge Eating
Self Regulation Reset: AD[H]D + Binge Eating

Self-regulation tools/techniques and nutritional resources for AD[H]Ders who struggle with binge eating/disordered eating habit...

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