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The following ADHD specialists include doctors, therapists, psychologists, coaches, and others serving patients in California.

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I Help Fellow High/Under Achieving, Smart, and Gifted ADHDers who are in Tech, Entrepreneurship, The Business World, Medical, Law, STEM, Academia, and College/University.


809 Cuesta Dr Suite B PMB 1072

Mountain View, California 94040
United States


I help high functioning or under achieving gifted, intelligent, creative, and passionate ADHDers: College/Grad Students Professionals, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs.

ADHDer and ADHD Coach Henry Lam

Mountain View, California
United States

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Get the whole package with a board-certified pediatrician and an ADHD coach all in one. What makes me different is that I combine treatment (including medication if necessary) with coaching tailored specifically to meet you and your child’s needs.

Dr. Shandi J MD- pediatrician and coach
1918 Bonita Ave Suite 200

Berkeley, California 94704
United States

Send me an email or go to my website to schedule a free consultation.

I primarily conduct neuropsychological assessments for people of all ages with ADHD, write reports including accommodations, and provide coaching.

East Bay ADHD Psychology & Assessment
1635 Solano Ave.

Berkeley, California 94707
United States

Online coaching for girls and women with ADHD, ADHD-like characteristics, and learning differences, and ADHD materials and resources, including workbooks, guides, planners, activities, lessons, and more for anyone with ADHD.

Enrichment Source ADHD Coaching & Resources

Ventura, California
United States

We provide online executive function coaching for students and adults.

Executive Function Specialists
1872 Mallard Lane


Petaluma, California 94954
United States

Welcome to Live ADHD Free Coach Training Programs where we are passionate about preparing world class coaches just like you. Make a positive difference in the lives of people with ADHD and Executive Function Limitations who need your help right now.

Live ADHD Free Coach Training
678 East Walnut Street


Pasadena, California 91101
United States

Samantha Valasek, OTD, OTR/L, CTTS, ADHD-RSP is an occupational therapist specializing in cognitive, behavioral, & lifestyle interventions for adults with ADHD, with anxiety, and who are on the autism spectrum.

Samantha Valasek
1849 Sawtelle Blvd

Suite 750

Los Angeles, California 90025
United States

Not your average "ToDo" style Academic Planner, our Planners provide an easy way for students to SEE time so they can learn to MANAGE it! Our unique patented and award-winning grid style system allows students to see available blocks of time!

2023-2024 Academic Planner...Keeping Students on Track, on Time & on Task
4712 Admiralty Way


Marina Del Rey, California 90292
United States