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Are you a woman with ADHD? You're vibrant and talented, but still can’t seem to live up to your TRUE potential? Let me help you put the lid on overwhelm, reclaim your confidence and re-establish your dreams with action steps that ACTUALLY WORK!

Alanna Graham, AACC - ADHD Coaching for Women
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Vancouver, BC

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I coach individuals wanting to understand, manage, and thrive with ADHD. I help my clients create systems and lifestyles that work with their brains, not against them.

Jonathan French ADHD Coaching

Victoria, BC

Megan Glennie, CALC

I help ADHD adults redesign their lives in ways that celebrate their strengths, support their needs and make achieving goals so much easier. Together we'll establish attainable goals, kick shame to the curb and figure out what ACTUALLY works for you.

Megan Glennie, CALC

Vancouver, BC V3H0B5