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Victoria, BC
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Jonathan’s coaching helps people reach their untapped potential. His clients often start because they feel scattered, burnt-out, or frustrated from not getting what they want out of life. He helps clients understand their ADHD to help them create habits, systems, and lifestyles that more naturally work with, not against, their ADHD. He specializes in helping clients slow down to get ahead.

We are often trying to do too much at once, and people with ADHD are working incredibly hard before coming to coaching. Jonathan helps his clients identify what actually matters so that they can focus on taking the important steps forward and use their energy effectively. Coaching helps with procrastination, impulsivity, organization, emotional dysregulation and other challenges, but it also empowers clients to live an authentic life that fits with their unique brain wiring. Coaching helps provide the skills, knowledge, and systems to leverage your strengths and be successful.

Jonathan has a mixed background that includes firefighting, magazine publishing, entrepreneurship, academic research, along with training from two separate coaching programs. His sense of humour, calm demeanour and belief in his clients help create an effective, powerful coaching experience.

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