ADHD Organization Tools You'll Use Everyday

on 02/14/2017 - 12:11 pm

We asked our readers: “What ADHD organization tools do you swear by – not at?” And they shared the best high-tech and low-tech solutions that help them everyday.

ADDitude asked adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD): What are the organization products or apps that you swear by -- not at? These days, ADDers have more high-tech options than they can shake a smartphone at. Here’s what keeps you on top of things.

"Evernote, a free cross-platform app, is the best tool of them all. I use it to make to-do lists, store contacts, clip interesting articles, webpages, and design ideas, and scan receipts and paperwork." -Anne, Canada

"Timers galore. I use the alarm and calendar on my cell phone, the oven timer on my stove, and Google Calendar alerts to keep me organized and help me remember everything. " -Barbara, Kansas

"My favorite 'gadgets' are my Google Calendar -- and my wife." -Steve, California

"Gallon-size Ziploc bags -- to corral a lot of my stuff." -Amy, Pennsylvania

"Hanging files! They transform a tall pile of haphazard paper into an accessible resource." -An ADDitude Reader

"A PDA (with calendar/alarm functions), used in combination with a whiteboard in the kitchen." -Gerben, The Netherlands

"A large, plastic, easy-to-erase monthly planner." -Jason, Connecticut

"A wastebasket. I save so many papers, thinking that I'll need them some day. By the time I get around to using them, the information is out of date!" -Kathleen, Massachusetts

"Pen, paper, and index cards. High tech, eh? When I write something down “my way,” it is in front of me and not "lost" in a gadget. I really need to see things in order to keep on track." -Katz, Indiana

"My husband can't live without his watch and Leatherman multi-tool gadget with a built-in keychain. He feels he is equipped to take on the world when he has these." -Linda, Australia

"A three-way tie between Outlook Calendar, online banking, and my GPS." -Lisa, New York

"Advice from the FlyLady and my 'blackboard.' I painted one on my kitchen wall." -Michelle, Tennessee

"A task-management app called Things. It is easy to use and can be customized to fit anyone’s needs." -Munro, Utah

"Daytimer + sticky notes + large desk calendar + lists + lists of lists." -An ADDitude Reader

"My Droid. It houses my calendar (which syncs to my Google account), and has many apps that help with organization. I can store multiple shopping lists, set reminders and alarms, comparison-shop by barcodes, leave myself reminder voice-mail, and text-message myself about things I need for later. I’d be lost without it." -Rebecca, New Jersey

"See-through plastic boxes!" -Christine, Washington

"Sticky notes. When I make an appointment, I write down the details and I stick it on my desk calendar. The night before an appointment I post the note on the bathroom mirror to remind myself when I wake up." -An ADDitude Reader

"The iPod Touch is my latest, greatest tool. I just need to figure out how not to lose it." -Susan, Massachusetts

"My Mead Fat Lil’ Notebook. I use it for my daily to-do list and other brain smatterings." -Cheryl, Texas

"A whiteboard hanging on the back of my front door. I see it several times a day, including every time I leave my apartment!" -Todd, Mexico

"My old-fashioned Filofax, which contains my weekly and monthly calendars and daily to-dos." -Loretta, California

"The alarm on my phone. I use different alarm sounds for different tasks. That way, I don’t get bored with a predictable sound, which I seem to tune out after a while." -Laura, Ohio