FREE Q&A From a Fellow ADHDer!

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ALERT❗️ Squirrels are bragging their life is better than ADHDers. Who is up for proving them wrong together!

You too can succeed just as ADHD Cambridge student, Premed student, Entrepreneurs, aspiring Hollywood artist, and a retired therapist have.

Do you want results today?

Through our collaborative partnership, you will CAPTAIN your new space ship fueled with your own team, positive mindset, strengths, ADHD knowledge, insights, skills, systems, and strategies. With awareness, acceptance, and action, you will become your own CAPTAIN and achieve your adventure’s missions!

Ideal Clients: College Students, High IQ/Gifted/Twice Exceptional and Creatives

Common Successful Missions

Finding your life’s purpose

Managing your time

Identifying and harnessing your strengths

Starting and finishing old and new projects well

Moving forward and overcoming obstacles with a positive mindset

Negating negative emotion bugs

Conquering old and new clutter

Balancing a chaotic life to create harmony

Bringing and maintaining fun and energy back into life

Building and maintaining a health mind and body

Greetings! I am Henry Lam.

Fellow ADHDer, ADHD Coach, and Comedian for Squirrels

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in 2018 so I coach with empathy, sympathy, and understanding.

I am educated in ADHD by the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy (ADDCA)

I am a member of Additude, Chadd, Adhd Coaching Organization, and ADDA.

I bring a unique coaching approach with my diverse interests in health, psychology, business, evolution, anthropology, and philosophy. Clients find me personable, creative, funny, open-minded, and wise.

If you are ready, grab a seat at a 15 min virtual coffee chat at