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ADHD Coaches

ADHD coaches help adults and teens live better with attention deficit by developing strategies and providing support for improved organization, time management, memory, motivation and parenting skills. Coaches often have ADD Coach Training certification.


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I don't believe we should have to pay for something until we know it will provide value.
I also think it wise to meet for a short intro call to better understand your needs and ensure I am working with those that are in a coachable space

FREE Tutoring or EF Session

To celebrate 25 years of improving lives, Educational Connections is offering a free virtual tutoring or executive function coaching session.

45 minute free session

45 minute free coaching session. I will explain my philosophy and you can ask any and all questions you may have. I will coach you a bit and you can decide if you think I would be a good partner to support you in achieving your goals.

Set up a Free 15-minute Conversation

Set up a free 15-minute conversation to explore whether working together might be a good fit.
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