Self Regulation Reset: AD[H]D + Binge Eating

Every Saturday

Time: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm

Virtual Zoom Platform (Anyone can attend)


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Candace M. Fox

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Join Candace and Georgia for a 3 hour workshop to learn self/emotional regulation tools and techniques along with nutritional information for a healthy gut/brain relationship for AD[H]Ders who also struggle with binge eating or disordered eating habits.

This topic holds both a personal and professional interest for both Candace and Georgia who have been on their own healing journey from binge eating/disordered eating.

The workshop will cover a variety of topics from self regulation tools to using nutrition to support a healthy gut/brain relationship.

Presented by Candace:
- Why binge eating/disordered eating is a common experience for AD[H]Ders
- How self regulation tools can lessen the intensity/urge to binge eat and when to use them
- 5 self regulation tools/techniques you can use on your own, anywhere at anytime
- The science behind self regulation tools like EFT/Conscious EFT and Havening

Presented by Georgia:
- AD[H]D and our gut/brain relationship (gut damage and inflammation)
- Using anti-inflammatory nutrition and ferments to calm the gut
- Nutritional strategies to help AD[H]D and food cravings
- Realistic strategies for adding in foods that support gut health / cutting out foods that may disrupt a healthy microbiome

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Candace M. Fox