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While I specialize in ADHD, I also love coaching geeks, high school and college students, artists, gamers, LGBTQ+, and people who do not fit the mold. My highest goal is to provide a safe, fun space for those who need it most to grow and learn about themselves. The judgement of the world we live in is unrelenting and harsh. There is no room for that judgement in my coaching sessions.

Does it feel like a lot of your problems would be solved if only you could read “The Great Manual of Life”? Except it doesn't exist, even if it feels like everyone else was given a copy at birth. That's where coaching comes in.

In coaching, we first look at your goals; the things you really want to accomplish through coaching. Then we examine the things your brain is doing that are either helpful or unhelpful.

Often other people focus on highlighting our failures. Because of this, many of us may not even know about the strengths we have that can be a positive influence in our lives. Together we will take a good, hard look at both challenges and strengths. The strategies each unique person needs to function may be elusive, but session by session we will find them, and you will build a balanced and fulfilling life.

My ADHD diagnosis at age 18 launched me into a lifelong project of fully understanding and working with my unique brain. In my teens and early twenties I struggled and suffered through dead-end jobs I was not suited for.

Then, as I approached 25, I found myself stuck. I didn't know how to manage my home, I couldn't see any profession I'd be able to live with, let alone love, and I was surrounded and consumed by chaos and stagnation.

My mother found me an amazing ADHD coach and within 6 months I was starting to manage housework, I began to have hope, and I looked at the concept of coaching as a possible future for me. I signed up for training at the ADD Coach Academy and was, and still am, determined to assist as many other people as possible as I'd been assisted.

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