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At Capstone, we provide comprehensive ADHD and Learning Disability evaluations for both children and adults, utilizing the most up to date and comprehensive testing measures. ADHD and Learning Disabilities are both developmental disorders that, at times, can occur together and cause difficulties at school or at work. Such difficulties can result in mounting stress and it is common for individuals to feel a sense of frustration, anxiety, or depressive symptoms as a result of feeling as though things are more difficult for them than for other people their age. Our clinic specializes not only in identifying these challenges, but also in helping you develop the tools needed to address the impact of ADHD and increase your effectiveness at home, work, or at school. Through therapy and ADHD coaching we will address your challenges both with performance related difficulties (i.e., attention, organization, planning, time-management), and the anxiety and depression that often accompanies years of frustration. Depending on your circumstances, academic accommodations, such as extra time, extended breaks, or a private testing room can help level the playing field and allow you to perform at your true potential.