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Why work with me? ADHD is my specialty and my community. I have over 20 years of experience serving students, families, and individuals. I am an internationally accredited professional coach, a master educator, and a passionate volunteer at several nonprofit organizations working to improve equity and access in the ADHD community. I also live with my own ADHD. I love that I get to leverage my passion and experience to benefit my clients!
What I want for you: A compassionate, intentional, empowered future where your ADHD feels normalized, you understand how to problem-solve and support yourself, even on your most dysregulated days, and you actively acknowledge and celebrate yourself. ♡
My job is to support you as you build your ADHD toolkit, flex your self-compassion muscles, and develop a deeper awareness of where executive functioning challenges impact your life. I firmly believe that every client can enact positive change in their lives and I will wholeheartedly support you in that journey. If this resonates with you, then!

Community positions:
-Seattle CHADD Co-Coordinator
-Founding member of the ADHD Coaches Organization DEI committee

Mon-Thurs 9-6pm PST