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Sydney, New South Wales
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Most commonly heard from Jen's clients is that they feel seen, heard, understood, empowered to see things from a fresh perspective and make changes that can be sustained. Whether you are a parent trying to do the best for your children who have ADHD, an entrepreneur who can race to the top of mountains but struggles over the daily molehills, or have a late diagnosis and desire to move forward on the incline of life... this is where ADHD coaching will be potentially your most valuable support.

Jen's deep ADHD expertise and coaching skillset enables her to support her clients in holding a safe judgement free space, and finding ways to accomplish a life with more ease and grace that suit each persons individual brain and circumstances. She has lived the experience with all the coaching areas she supports in and has likely been where you are today. Jen is also a qualified mindfulness based stress reduction teacher and uses radical acceptance approaches to support living with ADHD - life is too short for the inner critic to run the show!

Jen deeply understands how the ADHD mind and body are susceptible to burnout, and believes that the trifecta of ADHD coaching, self-awareness (AKA mindfulness) and neuroscience is key to looking after our systems, and also moving forward in life with strategies and support to living an upgraded life.

Skills and Qualifications that Jen's brings to her Coaching Practice:
- ADHD Coach (ADDCA certified)
- Executive Coach (IECL certified)
- Applied Neuroscience Certified (Neuroscience Academy)
- MBSR teacher (MTIA qualified)
- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Certified (ACT Made Simple)
- Emotions Coaching Certified (Tuning into Kids)
- Parentworks for ADHD Experience (Sydney Behaviours Research Institute)
- Westmead Feelings Program Experience (Emotions Coaching for Kids with ADHD)
- Masters in Commerce

Jen also runs programs and workshops (often free community workshops) to support individuals in equipping themselves with cognitive and emotional skills to healthily process life's challenges. She also volunteers facilitating ethics at her local primary school as she believes in teaching critical thinking skills for children.

Sydney, Australia

Complimentary 25 Minute ADHD Coaching Consult

Coaching is a partnership based on the person coming to coaching willing to be open, reflective and challenged in a supportive and trusting manner. And in turn, the coach being skilled, present and able to tune into you. It is key that both of us feel this is the right fit for us to move forward in that partnership together.

To enable us to ensure we are a good fit and approach your coaching journey comprehensively I offer a complimentary consult for certainty on fit both sides.

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Complimentary 25 Minute ADHD Coaching Consult - Terms & Conditions

My time is very limited and my practice has a short wait list from time to time. Please ensure that you have read the FAQs on my website, particularly the information on what coaching is, so that we can ensure this time will be of best use for us both.

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