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HEY, Fellow Smart ADHDers! Let’s Go On An ACTION ADVENTURE with our ADHD Dogs and BECOME ADHD CAPTAINS!

To Help Them Become ADHD CAPTAINS, I employ 10 intake forms and individualized solutions based on neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology.

Like many ADHDers, I was misdiagnosed and miserable. I knew I was as intelligent as my successful peers, but didn’t know why I was behind. I was wasting time and money on a healthcare army. Then in 2018, I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and it explained my life’s story.

In 2022, I found part of my life's purpose by becoming an ADHD coach. I love helping fellow ADHDers!

I am a member of ADDitude, CHADD, ACO, and ADDA.

Personality – ENTP

Strengths – Creativity, Zest, Humor, Love Of Learning, and Curiosity

Values – Happiness, Meaningful Work, Authenticity, Knowledge, and Harmony

Interests – Holistic Living & Performance, Comedy, Science, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Business, and Biohacking.

Flexible Scheduling and Weekend Hours Available?

7am - 8pm Pacific Time

7am - 11pm Eastern Time

7pm - 10am Hong Kong Time

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