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My Squirrel and I have ADHD too and We Are 100% Focused on helping ADHDers Worldwide live their best lives!

That's why my clients spend up to 2 hours filling 10 forms!

I employ my expertise in ADHD, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology to help fellow ADHDers get results!

Like many ADHDers, I was misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and miserable.

My life was one big blur and it was like I was in a fast-forwarded movie. I jumped from project to project, and person to person. I was prescribed depression and anxiety medicines, but never took them. It was chaos at home and boredom and daydreaming at school. Friends, school, chores, and career prospects were hard to manage. Impatience and boredom led me to procrastinating and putting in little effort. I knew was as intelligent as my peers but couldn’t figure out why I was so behind. Then in 2018 when I was 22 years old, my 8th therapist suggested that I might have ADHD. Soon after, I got diagnosed with ADHD and it explained everything.

In 2021, I found part of my life's purpose by enrolling at the Life Purpose Institute to become an ADHD coach.

I specialize in ADHD life skills coaching because I enjoy helping ADHD adults and it incorporates my strengths and values.

I could have been a doctor, psychologist, or professor, but I chose ADHD coaching because it aligns with my strengths/values and has elements of all three.

I am a member of Additude, Chadd, Adhd Coaching Organization, and ADDA.

Now, with in-depth understanding of you, I will help you create personalized strategies and solutions to your challenges!

Clients find me personable, creative, funny, open-minded, and wise.

Become the master of your ADHD symptoms, so you can achieve goals: Personal Dreams, New Business Or Career, Finding Your Life’s Purpose, Rewarding Relationships, Healthy Mind & Body, Organized Life, Debt-Free, High GPA And More!

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