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  1. ADD Focus Coach works exclusively with college students across the United States who have attention challenges. Our coaches help students sharpen organization, maintain focus, and increase productivity.

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College can be exciting because of the freedom and choices that are part of the experience. However, students with ADHD may feel like the structure and support that their parents or teachers provided when they were younger no longer fit in this new environment. Universities often offer assistance through their different offices — but this isn’t the same having a dedicated one-on-one coach. Our coaches take the initiative and reach out to students so they don't fall through the cracks of college life.

Our coaches work individually with college undergraduates to set goals, outline action steps, anticipate roadblocks, and enhance motivation. This includes: tailored virtual, one-on-one sessions; text and email check-ins for frequent encouragement; and performance tracking to ensure progress towards goals.

Executive function coaching for college students with ADHD can improve:

* Organization
* Time management and planning
* Prioritization
* Study skills
* Procrastination
* Assignment completion
* Effective routines and schedules
* Stress and frustration management

Our coaches provide support through our approach that includes:

* Weekly virtual, one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your needs
* Text and email check-ins for frequent encouragement
* Performance tracking to ensure progress towards your goals
* Communication with others as needed to coordinate efforts

It is all about making college more successful and less stressful.

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