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Do you ever worry if your son or daughter is actually ready for college and the sudden independence that comes along with going away to school? Are you concerned that your child will struggle to manage the never-ending string of deadlines and exams that is the norm in college? Do you worry if your child will make good decisions about their well-being such as consistently take their medications or set boundaries on distracting technology or social pursuits?

These are all valid concerns that many parents of students with ADHD have when their child goes away to school. The cost of not getting the high school to college transition right can be immense on multiple levels. Fortunately, your child does not need to experience the trials and tribulations that most college students with ADHD go through.

My name is Eran Grayson and I am an ADHD coach and Educational Therapist. I specialize in coaching college students with ADHD that struggle balancing their newfound independence with the realities of deadlines, demanding course loads, and increased personal responsibilities.

Having previously spent 15 years in the classroom as a special education teacher and over 12 years in private practice working with both high school and college students who have ADHD, I have a deep understanding and inner working knowledge of the demands placed upon these students as well as how to best help them learn to become successful both in and outside the classroom.

I encourage you to contact me to schedule a phone consultation to determine how I might be of help to you.

I look forward to serving you.

Eran Grayson, M.A.
ADHD Coach and Educational Therapist
9720 Coit Rd. Suite 220-PMB 102
Plano, TX 75025

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