ADHD Productivity Coach: Juli Shulem PCC, CPC

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Santa Barbara, California 93111
United States
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I have been working as an Efficiency Specialist and ADHD Coach for nearly thirty years. Starting my career as a Professional Organizer, I am uniquely skilled in dealing with the organizational and time management challenges those with ADHD face on a daily basis. My practice is exclusively coaching due to demand and this is my life's passion. I "get" those with ADHD.

Less frustration. Less stress. Less impulsivity.
ADHD Coach Juli helps you take control of your life
so you get the important things done.

My Coaching is done with empathy, understanding, and the right skills to not use a 'band-aid' approach, but to do 'surgery.' I coach those with ADHD to find success in all areas of life. My specialty, and the majority of my client base, is college students, and the rest primarily entrepreneurs. In addition, I work with parents of those with ADHD and I particularly enjoy working with those just getting a diagnosis to make that journey less bumpy than it often becomes.

Areas I coach around may include creating efficiency and productivity systems, teaching new skill sets, helping with time management, prioritizing, sequencing, scheduling, paper management, handling social situations better, getting through school and running a business.

Within my student coaching, I provide a combination of external structure, accountability and feedback. My coaching helps my clients take action on their intentions and make their goals a reality.
Help my student clients receive in coaching::
1. clearly defining and prioritizing realistic goals
2. anticipating roadblocks and strategizing ways to overcome them when they come up
3. creating reminder & alert systems to promote self-monitoring and execution of tasks
4. external accountability and ideas on systems of organization as needed.

My professional clients use me for a myriad of situations, from re-organizing an office or home office, to defining their career path and moving forward - taking the ADHD tendencies into account along the way. I assist with strategizing all aspects of a project and coaching to create a game-plan for getting something completed easily that can feel overwhelming at first. I am patient, non-judgmental, motivational, and sympathetic. My goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable from whatever place you are starting.

I work primarily on Skype so I see clients all over the globe. Many of my clients live all over the country. I'm only a phone call away.

Week days 8am-7pm, occasional weekends as needed.

I'm a coach without borders, so as long as there is either Internet or a Phone connection - I'm only a phone call away.