ADHD Thrive Institute


Dana Kay is a Board-Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, specializing in the natural treatment of ADHD. She is a two times international bestselling author and CEO / founder of ADHD Thrive Institute and The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program.

As a mother of a child with ADHD, she knows firsthand the struggles that come with parenting a neurodiverse child. When her son was struggling with his ADHD symptoms, she tried everything she could think of to help him - medication, various therapies, counseling, essential oils, supplements, parenting techniques - but nothing moved the needle. For years, she felt trapped in her own home.

That all changed when she learned how to reduce the inflammation in her son’s body, which in turn reduced his ADHD symptoms completely.

Dana knows the freedom that is possible once parents learn to reduce ADHD symptoms. Using food and targeted supplementation, she was able to reduce her son’s ADHD symptoms so much so that he no longer needed any medication. Since then, she has worked with close to one thousand other families, helping them find the same freedom she found.

When children are diagnosed with ADHD, parents are often only provided one treatment option: medication. Dana believes this needs to change. Though medication has its place, there are other options for parents who don’t want to go that route. Her philosophy is simple: food first. Food, rather than medication, should be the first port of call in ADHD treatment.

Dana has been featured in Forbes and on Fox and CBS, and various other online media. She has also been a guest at multiple parenting and ADHD summits and podcasts. Her mission is to help families reduce ADHD symptoms naturally so that children with ADHD can thrive at home, at school, and in life.