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Since kindergarten you have been told “just focus” “if you worked harder..” “live up to your potential” and so on. These messages have the common theme of “you don’t fit the system” The way I see it the system doesn’t fit you. If a shoe doesn’t fit is it the foot’s fault? No, you need to adjust the shoe not change the shape of the foot. School and “normal” jobs just don’t fit. And that’s ok. Let’s create spaces that do fit where you can become the amazing person you are meant to be.

Having a partner and two children with ADHD has opened my eyes to how differently ADHDers think. We need you, the world needs you. ADHDers are the thinkers that move civilization forward by leaps and bounds. Name any inventor and I would bet they have or had ADHD. They have to keep trying new things that others have never even dreamed of. The light bulb or personal computer are two of the most life changing inventions in history. These inventions impact nearly every person on earth. That is a huge contribution and would not have happened if the inventors changed their thinking to fit the system/society.

The messages of “just try harder” and all the negative self-talk can crush your self-esteem and creativity. Let’s work together to lift that burden and get you headed toward your best life. I am a graduate of the Martha Beck Wayfinders Life Coach training and am excited to ADHDers see and reach their best lives.
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