Eagle Hill School - Greenwich

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  1. Eagle Hill School also offers a summer academic program and afternoon activities program for students with learning differences!
45 Glenville Road
Greenwich, Connecticut 06831
United States
view phone(203) 622-9240
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Eagle Hill School, a life changing experience, is a coeducational school for students ages 5-15 with learning differences (including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorder, and ADHD). A 5-day boarding program is available.

Eagle Hill offers children who learn differently the opportunity to grow into capable, resilient students with the self-confidence and character necessary to meet the challenges they will face beyond Eagle Hill.

Our language-based, remedial program is committed to educating children with learning differences. The curriculum is personalized, interdisciplinary, and transitional in nature. A secure, structured, nurturing environment supports and stimulates the development of the whole child. As a result, children learn to view themselves as competent individuals with a strong sense of self.

In an environment that recognizes and embraces diversity, Eagle Hill teaches children an array of strategies and skills to manage their learning disabilities effectively at school and at home. Eagle Hill helps children gain the self-esteem necessary to initiate, nurture, and maintain friendships. Inherent in the Eagle Hill philosophy is the development of children with strong moral and ethical character. Children leave Eagle Hill with confidence in their academic abilities, a true belief in their worth as human beings, and the strategies necessary to meet the challenges of their new school and social settings.