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My Squirrel and I have ADHD too and We Are 100% Focused on helping ADHDers Worldwide live their best lives!

Like many ADHDers, I was misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and miserable. Therapists and doctors thought I had anxiety, depression, and bipolar. My life was unhappy, chaotic, lost, frustrating, and overwhelming. I knew I was as intelligent as my successful peers, but didn’t know why I was behind. I was tired of running around and wasting money on an army of therapists and doctors. Then in 2018, I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and it explained my life’s story.

In 2021, I found part of my life's purpose by enrolling at the ADHD Coaching Academy and the Life Purpose Institute to become an ADHD coach.

I could have been a doctor, psychologist, or professor, but I chose ADHD coaching because it aligns with my strengths/values and has elements of all three.

I am a member of Additude, Chadd, Adhd Coaching Organization, and ADDA.

Now, with in-depth understanding of you, I will help you create personalized strategies and solutions to your challenges!

I bring a unique coaching approach with my diverse interests in health, psychology, business, evolution, anthropology, and philosophy. Clients find me personable, creative, funny, open-minded, and wise.

Other services have little ADHD background, insurance dictation, past mindset, shallow knowledge of you, and unfocused talking/complaining.

Become the master of your ADHD symptoms, so you can achieve goals: Personal Dreams, New Business Or Career, Finding Your Life’s Purpose, Rewarding Relationships, Healthy Mind & Body, Organized Life, Debt-Free, High GPA And More!

M-F - 9am-9pm Pacific Time

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