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  1. Welcome to MindShift Coaching, where I'm Lori Charter, dedicated to guiding your journey of growth and success. Just as a chef crafts delicious dishes from carefully selected ingredients, I help individuals blend the right mindset, skills, and strategies for a transformative experience. Drawing from my own journey with life changing ADHD coaching and decades of leadership in hospitality, I bring a unique blend of empathy and expertise to my coaching. Let's work together to whip up your unique Signature Dish for success!
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I am a strategic thinking partner for professionals and other adults navigating change, guiding them through all life domains, to ensure sustained cohesive personal and professional growth.

Welcome to MindShift Coaching, where I, Lori Charter, am committed to guiding you on your journey of personal and professional growth. But what's the deal with "MindShift"? Well, let me share a personal revelation—I discovered I had ADHD, and it hit me like a lightning bolt. This realization unveiled its silent impact across every aspect of my life. Instead of allowing it to hinder my progress, I embraced it as a catalyst for change, driven by the transformational power of ADHD coaching.

Harnessing the insights and techniques gleaned from my own life changing ADHD coaching journey, I embarked on a mission to assist others facing similar challenges. My journey took off as I delved into top-notch training, recognizing how my past career experiences would enrich this new path. Armed with newfound knowledge, counseling, coaching, and the right medication, I established MindShift Coaching—a nurturing haven where professionals can confront their obstacles head-on, equipped with the essential tools and support to thrive.

So, what's coaching all about? Picture yourself as a chef stuck in a rut, cooking the same dishes day in and day out. You may doubt your abilities and feel unworthy of improvement. But just as a skilled chef guides their team to learn new skills and crafts culinary masterpieces, I guide my clients to explore new flavors, refine their skills, and become their best selves. It's about blending the perfect mix of mindset, skills, and strategies for a truly transformative journey.

Beyond my strong business acumen, I've always had a knack for recognizing the best qualities in others and helping them flourish. My core mission is to empower my clients by helping them identify and capitalize on their unique strengths, shifting the focus away from weaknesses.

Hey, leaders—I get it. Leadership isn't a cakewalk! With over 30 years of stirring the pot in the dynamic world of hospitality leadership, I've honed the recipe to be a trusted sous chef for executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs alike.

But my role extends beyond the confines of the kitchen. I also assist adults in navigating significant life changes, whether it's switching careers, climbing the corporate ladder, or planning for retirement.

My coaching style is characterized by energy, optimism, and authenticity. I firmly believe that success stems from a Mindshift—a shift in perspective that emphasizes recognizing and building on your strengths.

So, let's get cooking! With my passion and encouragement, I'll help you define your strengths, embrace your values, pursue your dreams, and live life like the master chef you're destined to become. Ready to spice up your potential? Let's collaborate to craft your unique Signature Dish!

My hours are flexible and based on my clients needs

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