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  1. Cindy is the author of 8 KEYS TO PARENTING CHILDREN WITH ADHD and co-author of ADHD, EXECUTIVE FUNCTION, & BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES IN THE CLASSROOM. She provides keynotes, workshops and seminars for parent and professional organizations. She received her Master's in Education in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College and her ADHD coach certification from the Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching. She has trained personally with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Ross Greene.
Boulder, Colorado 80304
United States
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PTS Coaching approaches ADHD as a neurobiological difference with challenges, rather than a deficit or disorder. We provide tools and support to address issues such as enabling vs. supporting behaviors, creating motivation, reducing defiance and non-compliance, improving time management, organization, and emotional regulation skills.

Cindy's highly acclaimed CALM and CONNECTED© parenting workshop series is offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It provides a comprehensive, sequential approach to reducing the conflict and chaos often present in families. With compassion and targeted insights, parents learn to help their children and teens build resilience, flexibility, grit, and perseverance to reach their full potential.

PARENT COACHING is available privately, via live-interactive webinars, and on-demand eCourses. Appropriate for Parents of children of all ages.

Services and training available in English and Spanish


A great investment to becoming a competent coach
"Cindy is a knowledgeable and competent teacher. This course has provided me with so many tools as a clinician that have been instrumental in my practice with parents of children with ADHD/EF challenges. This is a great investment for any clinician or coach that works with parents or neurodivergent children." - Christina Silvera, Jamaica

Great experience
"I took the ADHD Parent Coach Academy from Singapore and I have found the information very helpful and up to date. Cindy has been really sincere and supportive from the moment I contacted her. I have started to do her webinars in both Japanese and English and my participants have given me feedback on how the webinars gave them a new light on their situations and so informative. The administration side is very smooth as well and is amazingly on top of things! I definitely recommend ptscoaching to anyone looking to find a coach and to train to be a coach." - Ryoko Sado, Singapore

Professional Service
"I had the pleasure of training with Cindy this summer! The training content was relatable yet informative. I appreciated her experience and training me as an ADHD coach!" - Andrea Horbrook, Naperville, IL

Cindy Goldrich ADHD Parent Coach
"Cindy Goldrich's ADHD Parent Coach Academy has proved an invaluable resource to my Occupational Therapy practice and as an ADHD Rehab Services provider. Her training on working with parents and families is insightful, pragmatic and compassionate. I have significant benefit professionally and personally. She's wonderful!" - Mary Pat Kochenash, Millstone Township NJ,

Excellent Course
"I am the Chapter Coordinator for Children & Adults with Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder (CHADD) of Nassau County, and wanted to expand my knowledge and capabilities for the community we serve. I took this course, and was wowed by the abundance of information provided. I completed this course feeling confident that I can help many with the tools and resources gained. If you are looking to better understand ADHD, and how you can make inpactful change in you family life and professional - this the course for you!" - Shirelle PEARSON, Elmont, NY

Parent Coach
"The ADHD Parent Coach Academy Professional Training exceeded my coach training expectations. The live -interactive webinar approach to presenting the material enhanced the learning experience. Leveraging diverse ADHD teachings, writings and hands on tools Cindy elevates all her students to the Varsity level. All in the combined skills I was taught are excellent when coaching those with ADHD but the training did not limit my coaching to just those with ADHD. I graduated confident in being able to coach anyone." - Tom Hofmann, Salt Lake City, Utah

Great Training Program!
"Cindy's Parent Coach training program is excellent. She is relatable and knowledgeable about ADHD and parenting. Cindy's workshops helped me launch my coaching business with workshops that provide valuable and easy to administer tools for both acquiring clients and working with clients. I am also taking advantage of Cindy's ongoing education to coaches to help me grow my practice and increase my knowledge. I highly recommend this program for coaches just starting out or coaches wanting to expand their practices!" - Melissa Bildner, Stamford, CT

"Parent the Child You Have"


What is Calm & Connected parenting?

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