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As an ADHD Parent Coach and Teacher Educator, and through her Workshops, eCourses, Professional Training, and Coaching, Cindy helps you truly understand what drives children’s behavior so that you can intervene more effectively. Typical motivational strategies (rewards and punishments) are often not effective and can actually be counterproductive. There are so many tools and strategies that can help you improve how you and your child work together to help your child manage their struggles and succeed. Your knowledge will also help you advocate more effectively for your child in school and other settings.

Cindy created her Calm and Connected: Parenting the Child You Have© workshop to help parents understand and manage parenting when children are more complex and love and logic have not been enough. It will help you understand the impact of ADHD and Executive Function on learning, motivation, and behavior and give you the tools, strategies and manage the challenges.

You can register for just the first session and then decide if you want to continue afterward. Cindy’s classes always allow time to ask questions and share with parents going through similar experiences.

Cindy offers In-Person Workshops, Live-Webinars, eCourses, One-on-One Parent Coaching, Professional Development in Schools Nationwide, Parent Coach Training to become an ADHD Parent Coach. Cindy Goldrich is an author, and advocate of families and professionals, struggling with the effects of ADHD and executive function challenges.

Cindy's book, 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD, will guide readers towards a deeper understanding of what ADHD is beyond the characteristics most often mentioned—impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness—and offer parenting perspectives and techniques to dramatically improve family relationships. Based on author Cindy Goldrich’s 7-session workshop entitled Calm and Connected: Parenting the Child You Have©, this book focuses on developing and strengthening effective interpersonal skills in both parents and children as a way to improve conflict resolution.

Following the parenting principle to “Parent the child you have,” Goldrich offers advice to help readers tailor their parenting to meet the needs of their unique child. The book also leads parents to recognize the value of being a leader and a guide to children, building parents’ confidence in their decision- making, and giving children a sense of safety, security, and confidence.

Along with the book, there is also a training course for parents.

This popular 7-week program covers:
Session 1 – Learning, Motivation, and Behavior: Impact on Kids with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges©*
Session 2 – Remaining Calm and Connected
Session 3 – Improving Communication
Session 4 – Encouraging Collaboration
Session 5 – Achieving Clarity & Consistency
Session 6 – Effective Consequences
Session 7 - Making Better Choices

*Session 1 now offered as a stand-alone. Join us for this introductory overview and learn:
• How ADHD and Executive Function Deficit impacts learning and behavior
• What makes following directions and consistency so challenging
• Why concepts like organization and time management seem to be learned, but not followed
• How using rewards and punishments often create more problems than they solve
• Why attention and discipline alone are not enough to improve performance and compliance

Parent the Child You Have

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