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ADHD coaches help adults and teens live better with attention deficit by developing strategies and providing support for improved organization, time management, memory, motivation and parenting skills. Coaches often have ADD Coach Training certification.


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Helping you tame your ADHD and live your most wonderful life!

I, too, have ADHD. I’ve been where you are, and I get the struggle. I can offer you compassion, acceptance, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Barbara Rosen Coaching for Adults with ADHD

Pennsylvania 19034
United States

I specialize in transformational coaching products and transformational comedy. With 13 years of coaching experience, I've helped clients with ADHD high school through adults on topics of school, writing coaching, health, business, and relationships.

Break Up With Getting Extensions Habit Coach

Chicago, Illinois
United States

Brooke Schnittman and her team of certified coaches have helped thousands of individuals with ADHD since 2006 who are meeting with chaos, frustration, and shame by providing them the tools and accountability to focus their attention and thrive.

Coaching With Brooke LLC- ADHD & EF Coaching
1825 NW Corporate Boulevard

International - Virtual Services Available Anywhere

Remote ADHD Coaching to Find and Steer Towards Your Best You
- College students
- Late- / Recently-diagnosed adults
- Transitioning young adults

Directly schedule free 15-minutes to explore working together. Go to

DocTom Coaching for ADHD Adults and College Students

International - Virtual Services Available Anywhere

Dr. LaVine's doctorate training was in neuropsychology. He specializes in neurological conditions, particularly ADHD. He has a structured program to reduce stress, treat anxieties and depression, as well as, improve emotional regulation.

Doctor Roger LaVine, LLC
2881 Oakland Park Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306
United States

Get the whole package with a board-certified pediatrician and an ADHD coach all in one. What makes me different is that I combine treatment (including medication if necessary) with coaching tailored specifically to meet you and your child’s needs.

Dr. Shandi J MD- pediatrician and coach
1918 Bonita Ave Suite 200

Berkeley, California 94704
United States

We provide online executive function coaching for students and adults.

Executive Function Specialists
1872 Mallard Lane


Petaluma, California 94954
United States

Interlace Solutions coaches are uniquely cross-trained in ADHD, executive, and career coaching. Our team is dedicated to tapping into ADHD executives' and professionals’ potential to accelerate their achievement.

Interlace Solutions Coaching

Washington, District of Columbia 20036
United States

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ADHD Coaching supports understanding your unique ADHD brain wiring and leverages your strengths. Jen is a full certified and practicing ADHD coach (ADDCA trained) an Executive Coach (IECL trained) & also offers Parent coaching

Jen Lewis - ADHD Coaching for ADHD Life on the Incline

Sydney, New South Wales

I coach individuals wanting to understand, manage, and thrive with ADHD. I help my clients create systems and lifestyles that work with their brains, not against them.

Jonathan French ADHD Coaching

Victoria, BC