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ADHD coaches help adults and teens live better with attention deficit by developing strategies and providing support for improved organization, time management, memory, motivation and parenting skills. Coaches often have ADD Coach Training certification.


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Get ADHD coaching, from a certified ADHD Coach with over 30 year's of business experience, having led business transformation for many of the world's largest brands. I help ADHD business leaders discover and leverage their strengths for maximum gain.

ADHD Coach for Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives and Managers
C2 Office 10, The Knoll Business Centre

325-327 Old Shoreham Road, Hove

Brighton and Hove, South East BN3 7GS
United Kingdom

I know what it is like to struggle with adhd, while working in a challenging field and juggling additional responsibilities.

ADHD Coach Seth

Springfield, Oregon
United States

Since 2014, ADHD reWired has been the leader in online intensive coaching groups. Recognized as a top "Innovative Program" at the International Conference on ADHD, featured in Attention magazine. We do growth through community.

ADHD reWired - Intensive Coaching and Accountability Groups. Spring Session Start April 11, 2024
901 Buccaneer Dr.

Glenview, Illinois 60026
United States

Do you want to reduce ADHD symptoms naturally?
Do you want to reduce or avoid pharmaceutical medicine?
Do you feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start?

Dana Kay and the ADHD Thrive Institute are leading the natural ADHD industy.

Olivia Chance is an ADHD & EF Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. Her coaching services include ongoing support, skill-development and practical strategies clients can use in their daily lives!

ADHD/EF Coaching-Clear Catalyst Coaching
Internationally via Zoom

In-Person in the Greater Portland, ME Area

South Portland, Maine
United States

view phone(207) 650-6670

Are you a woman with ADHD? You're vibrant and talented, but still can’t seem to live up to your TRUE potential? Let me help you put the lid on overwhelm, reclaim your confidence and re-establish your dreams with action steps that ACTUALLY WORK!

Alanna Graham, AACC - ADHD Coaching for Women
Virtual Services Available Worldwide

Vancouver, BC

view phone1 (250) 508-7698

World-class coaching, mentoring and consulting for neurodiverse children, adolescents and adults, educational institutions, corporates and organisations working with neurodiverse groups worldwide.
Specialism: ADHD, ASD, dyslexia executive function

Anna Daphna Coaching: Maximise happiness, confidence and performance

85 Great Portland Street, London

London, London W1W7LT
United Kingdom

Helping you tame your ADHD and live your most wonderful life!

I, too, have ADHD. I’ve been where you are, and I get the struggle. I can offer you compassion, acceptance, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Barbara Rosen Coaching for Adults with ADHD

Pennsylvania 19034
United States

Brooke Schnittman and her team of certified coaches have helped thousands of individuals with ADHD since 2006 who are meeting with chaos, frustration, and shame by providing them the tools and accountability to focus their attention and thrive.

Coaching With Brooke LLC- ADHD & EF Coaching
1825 NW Corporate Boulevard

International - Virtual Services Available Anywhere

Remote ADHD Coaching to Help You Get to Know Your ADHD Brain
- College students
- Late- / Recently-diagnosed adults
- Transitioning young adults

Directly schedule free 15-minutes to explore working together. Go to

DocTom Coaching for ADHD Adults and College Students

International - Virtual Services Available Anywhere