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Greenville, South Carolina
United States
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My name is Bob Hathcock and I have 30 years of experience coaching adults and young people. After graduating from the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) and (JST Inc.) Coaching for College Students, I began working exclusively with adults and adolescents who, like me, have these marvelous and quirky brains. Every day I go to work helping others find peace in a demanding world, and I love doing it.

For the parents of ADHD college students I help protect your significant investment in your child’s education. Without a mentor the college graduation rate for people with ADHD is 5% versus 35% for others. Your child will benefit from my knowledge and experience so that they hit the ground running rather than trip over things they don’t see coming.
Together With the College Student I devise a unique support system that works in a University setting, which demands that “the student” take control of their education. The transition from high school to college is extremely difficult. As a coach and mentor I guide students, through the maze of University bureaucracy, to understand and master the hugely expanded demands suddenly placed upon them as young adults.
With Adults I help develop systems to focus attention, control emotions, strengthen relationships, set priorities, manage time, plan activities, improve memory, and just plain stay organized. Most importantly we seek and find an individualized approach to alleviate life’s problems brought on by ADHD. Together we figure out what’s not working for them and devise strategies to alleviate the negative effects of ADHD, while emphasizing the unique talents and strengths that come along with our extraordinary minds.